Create a network of research-driven European universities whose research and teaching is centred on research on society, focusing on economics, business, political science, sociology, data science, and other social sciences such as law, and humanities, i.e. in the social sciences broadly defined.

Goal of the network

The network will make a European statement. Major recent political events such as the Brexit vote in Britain, the restrictions on research and higher education in Hungary, or the closure of national borders in the wake of the refugee and migration crisis have demonstrated that the model of academic freedom and pan-European cooperation, for which two generations of Europeans have worked hard, is in danger.

The network targets academic and political objectives. It will facilitate the flow of ideas, people, and projects across its nodes and foster the design and management of joint research or policy activities. As a consequence, the network aims at establishing itself as the leading voice in the European debate about the development of academic institutions and research policy in the economic and social sciences.